The year 1997 was, by all accounts, a long fucking time ago. For reference, consider that this was both the year that Nicolas Cage and John Travolta linked with John Woo for Face/Off and the year of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone's initial publishing.

Also, it's the last time one Louisiana man's license plate was current.

"For those of you who like to 'switch tags,' at least give us a good challenge and don't use a license plate that is over 20 years old and expired back in 1997," a rep for the Slidell Police Department said in a Facebook post earlier this month, as spotted by CNN. Police also claim that, when asked about the delay in renewal, the man apologized and explained that he's "been busy lately."

Thankfully, police did not announce the driver's name to the general public, nor have they shared any additional comments on this riveting expired license plate case.

The response to the department's decision to publicly shame the use of a 23-year-old license plate, however, has been largely sympathetic toward the driver. It's also been pointed out that the driver in question arguably made a financially sound decision by not renewing the plate:

Anyway, fuck all this. Stream Eternal Atake.