It appears we've reached the point in novel coronavirus-inspired social distancing in which people begin to don dinosaur-themed costumes and venturing outside.

At least that's the case in Murcia, where local police were blessed handsomely with an example of this arguably reckless feat. The authorities were even kind enough to share footage of the tyrannosaurial endeavor, complete with some jestful commentary.

As police explained, pets are permitted for "short walks to relieve themselves" if accompanied by a human. However, per police, "having a Tyrannosaurs rex complex is not covered."

Just so everyone is absolutely clear on matters of T-Rexery, a report from Olive Press adds that anyone who's "spotted dinosaurs of any sort evading the lockdown" should immediately contact them, presumably to ensure they get a piece of the COVID-19 content pie. 

In Murcia, per the Madrid Metropolitan, anyone who fails to follow authorities' lockdown instructions risks a fine of between €600 and €30,000 ($658 to $32,909 USD).

Back here in the States, COVID-19 continues to dominate the news cycle due to its increasing interruption of everyday life. In many instances, containment-promoting business closures and public gathering restrictions have caused widespread loss of income and a very detectable spike in the prevalence of bulk buyers. One guy, for example, stockpiled a bunch of fucking hand sanitizer only to later debut what is quite possibly the most hilarious long pause in modern history during a TV interview. The hand sanitizer was ultimately donated after his resale attempts were thwarted.