A man who caused a scene at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport was jailed after he assaulted a police officer and punched a service agent. Dallas Morning News reports that the man, identified as Jerome Toson Jr., became unruly after he was told to put out his cigarette by an American Airlines employee.

In a video of the incident, which took place on Thursday at Terminal B, he can be seen swinging at both the employee and a police officer. He has been jailed on eight charges, including resisting arrest and the assault of an officer. After he was told to put out his cigarette, he reportedly put it into a cup of water and proceeded to pour it over an employee's computer. He was tased, and it took at least 15 minutes for him to calm down.

"When I came up he was yelling at the agents," a witness at the scene said in an interview with NBC5. One of the police officers had claimed he attempted to go for his gun when Toson Jr. was tackled to the ground, which prompted onlookers and airport employees to jump in and help. Bail has been set at $32,500.

Watch the clip above.

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