Last year, former adult film actress Katrina "Katie" Lynn Danforth admitted to paying someone to assassinate the father of her child. She reportedly paid a man she believed to be a hitman $2,500, but he was actually an undercover police officer and she was promptly arrested. The Spokesman Review reports that Danforth, who pleaded guilty to one count of seeking a contract killing last year, has been sentenced to ten years in federal prison.

As well as her time behind bars, she has received three years probation and a $1,000 fine. Court documents reveal that she wanted the father of her child dead and she "did not care if others who lived in the home were harmed" and wanted his body to be easily found. She agreed to a $5,000 fee for the hit in Oct. 2018, requesting that her child remain unharmed. She later delviered a "thank you" card with $2,500 inside as a down payment.

After she paid the officer, she was arrested by FBI agents in Dec. 2018, later pleading guilty the next year. Defense attorneys for Danforth said that she had a "trouble childhood," asserting that she was the victim of sexual violence prior to her career as an adult film star. Additionally, she claimed that the father of her child drugged and raped her in 2013.

Danforth used to appear in adult films as Lynn Pleasant, but she also previously worked as an "exotic dancer" according to court documents. 

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