Mike Bloomberg, an objectively terrible potential option for POTUS, is still in the game for some fucking reason. And in the latest round of resurfaced footage in which Bloomberg is filmed saying all the wrong things, the former NYC mayor criticized a father and son who died from heroin overdoses as "not a good family." In the same clip, Bloomberg also attempted to demonize marijuana legalization.

Per the Bermuda Broadcasting upload below circa March 2019, Bloomberg—as heard around the 19-minute mark—used a 2017 New York Daily News article about the tragic overdoses of 44-year-old Joseph Andrade and his son Carlos to crack an ill-advised joke that leads into some marijuana demonization.

"The New York Post or the Daily News had a picture on the front page where a father and a son, they both OD'd at the same party," he said. "It's not a good family. It's craziness. And then we are going hellbent for whether in this country to legalize marijuana, another addictive drug."

Bloomberg went on to state that he believes "the workforce" suffers because of all this, placing the proverbial cherry on top of yet another round of dumbshit from Gloomberg that's being rightfully picked apart by the public:

Previously, previous instances of Bloomberg's general offensiveness culminated in the #BloombergIsRacist hashtag on Twitter.