A gas station in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is facing the possibility of being closed down thanks to the shooting location decisions of an amateur crafter of porn.

"He had nothin' on but a bathrobe!" recalled Clifton Daly, a gentleman reported in this lively FOX6 piece as living behind the store in question. The controversy, as it were, stems from a July 2018 incident in which a man identified as Frederick Allen—described as an aspiring rap artist and an amateur porn model—engaged in sexual activity in the store’s center aisle.

The aisle, per the report, is located "right next to chips and across from the sunflower seeds," which seems like a detail worth mentioning here with a fair amount of emphasis.

The individual is apparently known for having routinely filmed sex-related shenanigans in public places, including previous shoots at movie theaters, malls, and even hospital rooms. Of course, the fucking-in-a-public-place trope isn't uncommon among the multitude of porn readily available to all.

In Allen's case, however, there's a history of being caught, including one incident in which he was going to be charged with second-degree sexual assault of a child in 2017 when police alleged that a 15-year-old girl was involved in a separate video. Charges were ultimately dropped, with FOX6 pointing to the backing out of a witness as a reason.

Another peculiar detail in this gas station closure-threatening incident is the fact that the store's owner is seen in the resulting footage, notably having not immediately notified the authorities. Now, the gas station's license is at risk of being revoked, with a temporary injunction having been issued to allow the store to remain open during a pending suit against the city from Kool Petroleum.