Police are looking for a white man who robbed a bank in Maryland on Tuesday wearing blackface.

The suspect robbed a PNC bank in Perryville and is still at large, according to NBC News. Police have described the suspect as "a white male, with paint on his face, approximately 5'0"-5'5" and late 20s to early 30s." Police did not mention how much money the robber was able to get away with.

Though blackface has been historically known to carry racist connotations, the incident appeared to have nothing to do with race, the Baltimore Sun says. That didn't stop racists from heading over to the Perryville Police Department's Facebook page to write so many racist comments about the robbery that the department ended up deleting the post.

"In lieu of our recent post and its many comments (some being derogatory and/or vulgar), we have elected to take down/remove the post," the Perryville Police Department wrote on Facebook. "We do appreciate those who had contributed any information in regards to the bank robbery. We ask that in future posts regarding a crime that we limit any commenting to relevance of the incident and details."