A Massachusetts psychic turned out to be a big-time scammer.

The palm reader, Tracey Milanovich, swindled more than $71,000 from a Massachusetts mother after the mystic convinced the woman that her 10-year-old daughter was possessed, Daily News reports.

Milanovich is the proprietor of Tracy’s Psychic Palm Reader in the town of Somerset. She was indicted this week for the alleged scam, which authorities began investigating on Dec. 17. She was later arrested on Dec. 27.

“Milanovich convinced the victim that her daughter was possessed by a demon, and that cash and household items were needed in order to banish the spirit from her daughter,” police said in a statement. She reportedly conned the mother out of $71,000, and towels and bedding.

The 37-year-old palm reader is reportedly facing charges of larceny, obtaining property by trick, and witness intimidation. Investigators have asked that if anyone else feels they may have been scammed by Milanovich, they should come forward.

The alleged victim started seeing Milanovich on Nov. 15, which is when the mother was told that her daughter had “something inside her that was bad” and that she was “dead in God’s eyes,” according to The Herald-News.

Milanovich provided multiple services before her arrest, such as the lighting of candles, which she charged $1,000 in cash. She also convinced the mother that she needed to make a payment of $6,058 to buy back bother her own soul and her daughter’s as well. Milanovich allegedly told the victim that she could move her daughter’s demon into a Barbie doll.

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