Two suspects were arrested in the Oakland, California area earlier this week following the death of a man whose laptop was snatched at a local Starbucks.

The man, who has not been identified in reports, was using a laptop at the popular coffee provider when he was approached by one suspect. At this point, per NBC News, the suspect took the laptop and ran out of the store, with the owner of the computer initiating a chase. That pursuit ultimately resulted in the suspect approaching an SUV that was parked around the corner. 

The victim is said to have attempted to enter the vehicle to retrieve his laptop. One witness, in fact, said the man utilized a "superman-type dive" in an effort to thwart their escape. However, once the vehicle was driven off, the man was severely injured and later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital after attempting to hold on. 

"It was like his arm was up and his head was being dragged against the concrete," one witness said.

News of the two suspects' arrests was announced Wednesday. According to a separate report from ABC News, the death occurred on the man's 34th birthday and has since been formally ruled a homicide.

"We were extremely shocked in disbelief," friend and co-worker Peter Tseng told reporters.

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