Sears, a chain of department stores known for producing perhaps the safest fashion choices available, has just gotten its 2019 trending moment. As the company struggles to remain afloat after filing for bankruptcy in 2018, Sears has received a boost thanks to a viral video that shows some very committed shoplifters. 

Posted on Twitter, the video shows a number of individuals attempting to make it out of the store with a lot of items. Not all of them managed, however, as the person carrying the most items was toppled to the ground for a brief moment by another shopper. The nonchalant nature of the theft and the fact it took place at a Sears, of all places, has Twitter asking a whole load of questions. 

What exactly was it these three were trying to steal? Was it an excess of blank t-shirts, or are they all just fans of the store's muted aesthetic? Either way, one of them in particular looked as though they were willing to risk it all to pull the daring heist off. See what Twitter had to say about the wild robbery attempt below.

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