One police officer has been killed after a shootout in Jersey City, Fox 5 NY reports. At least other two police officers have been shot in the active shooter incident, the governor of New Jersey said. There are reports that the shooting was an "ambush" after a drug bust gone bad. 

One of the officers was shot in Bayview Cemetery, and the other was believed to be shot in the area of Martin Luther King Drive and Bidwell Avenue. Police said two suspects were found dead inside the store, according to ABC News.


According to Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop, there are "multiple deceased" inside the supermarket near where the incident took place.

The officers were responding to a call relating to two suspects in Jersey City, but were then shot by the suspects when they arrived at the Bay View Cemetery. One of the officers was shot in the head and is "critically wounded," according to reports. Officers described the situation as an "ambush."

One of the suspects fled to a bodega and reportedly continued shooting at other officers on the scene. Police said that at least one of the suspects is still inside the store. Multiple videos emerged online in which gunshots can be heard.

“I got caught in a one way street with a bunch of cars and I was wondering why nobody was moving. And all of a sudden I heard it. All the shots started. Shots started ringing out. When I heard it, I see people running. I got out of the car and I see cops ducked down, and cops getting out of the way,” Brian Clark, a witness, told NBC New York.

“And I’m wondering why, what the hell? So I get out of my car and I see it, and I heard it – pow pow pow pow pow – then I realized I was in a shootout. I never heard that many shots in my life. It was like I was in a war zone,” he continued. Officers are looking for two shooters, a man and a woman.

Jersey City Board of Education President Sudhan Thomas said that nearby schools are on lockdown, according to

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