Off-brand takes on the coveted AirPods have emerged as the leading demon sabotaging the holidays this year.

Amid the sea of would-be AirPods owners this year were a plethora of deeply disappointed Xmas-enduring souls who were instead met with certainly well-meaning (but no less heartbreaking) variables of the far more affordable variety. Among the highlights of the resulting tweets, which you know damn well will be sampled below for engagement reasons, are AirPods-emulating ear devices like "SkyPods" and "SouljaPods." Even a pair of bent-up cotton tip swabs make an appearance.

The actual AirPods Pro experience, meanwhile, is said to be enhanced by a fresh Active Noise Cancellation feature and a fully customizable fit for greater comfort while listening. Purchasing them, however, isn't exactly a realistic exercise for everyday people with the truly unfortunate $249 price point. Suddenly, a pair of SkyPods don't sound so bad after all.

At any rate, enjoy some faux AirPods sorrow below via an assortment of haplessly curated mourning tweets:

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