The Top Party Schools in America

Based on what we see on TV and in movies, college is all about partying. Save for, say, Gilmore Girls, no one on screen in college ever actually goes to class. If they do, that class time serves as filler between social engagements, a.k.a. the aforementioned partying.

Despite athletic or academic rivalries, schools across the country are often united by their dedication to going all out to celebrate Halloween, Christmas, spring break, syllabus week, a loosie snow day... you get it. This is our list of the 50 top party schools in the country, where students major in having a blast.

50. Virginia Tech

The parties are good, but according to Reddit, it helps to be in Greek life or a hard-partying club to access them. Do with that information what you will. 

49. Vanderbilt University

Vandy has a reputation for being one of the bigger collegiate party environments in the South. The unofficial mantra is “work hard, play hard.”

48. James Madison University

JMU toes the line between Southern party school and Northern party school. Either way, you're gonna find something to do every weekend—or weekday.

47. University of Maryland

The bar scene isn't great for a flagship state school, but you can get by. Plus, there are lots of house parties—and don't those tend to be more fun, anyway?

46. University of Kentucky

Good sports scene = good party scene. Simple mathematics!

45. University of Arizona

The Wildcats know how to get wild.

44. Auburn University

Great bar scene, solid football scene, and only a couple hours away from bigger cities Atlanta and Birmingham. Auburn does alright for itself.

43. Clemson University

Frat parties and tigers and football, oh my!

42. University of Tennessee

Heavily sports and Greek life-oriented, UT is a pretty standard Southern party school scene.