The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE), which should absolutely be abolished, arrested 90 more students from the fake University of Farmington in recent months. The fake university in Detroit was created by—you guessed it—the Department of Homeland Security.

That's the latest from the Detroit Free Press, who stated in their report Wednesday that this brings the approximate total of students arrested since January on so-called "immigration violations" to 250. The DHS-created fake college was marketed as an institution where students, most of whom are said to be from India, could participate in grad programs centered on tech and computer studies.

Adding to the preying nature of the operation was the fact that the school had been listed as legit by an accreditation agency. That agency, however, was later determined to be working with the government. Back in March, ICE stated they had arrested 161 students, a number that grew upon this week's report of additional arrests.

Seven of eight criminally charged recruiters for the fake school have since pleaded guilty and been sentenced, with the final sentencing set for January of next year. Victimized students, per the report, were taken for a total of millions of dollars in tuition money and related expenses.

The full report is well worth a read. And for a helpful guide on what to do when interacting with ICE lackeys, give this rundown from the ACLU a perusal.