With its fourth iteration of their flagship Pixel smartphone, Google’s done the impossible: they’ve made arguably the perfect Android device. That’s saying something; back in May, it was reported that there are 2.5 billion active Android devices out there in the world. The Pixels have obviously been the pinnacle of Google’s smartphone division, but there’s something about the Pixel 4, which was released on October 24, that’s heads above not just every other Android device out there, but even above the Pixel 3, which has been my primary device since its release in October of 2018.

When I first saw what Google was announcing for Pixel 4, I was hype. While I’m not anti-iPhone, I’m definitely pro-Android, or rather, I’m very pro-Pixel. With this job having me in my Google Drive on the regular, it just makes things easy for my personal and professional lives to have the power of Google in the palm of my hand. For the past two weeks, I’ve carried around two phones on some Kevin Gates ish in the hopes of figuring out if the Pixel 4 XL trumps the Pixel 3 in what I need for my day-to-day. Spoiler alert: it does, but in more ways than I imagined previously. Here’s a look at why I’m ready to dead my Pixel 3 and shift my entire life to the Pixel 4 XL.