A North Dakota man was arrested after going on a racist and homophobic rant in Chiang Mai, Thailand that was captured on camera. 46-year-old Daniel Franckowiak was taken into custody after reportedly rampaging through a nearby shop and claiming that he raped children to concerned bystanders.  

“I’m a real motherfucker,” he yelled in the video uploaded by YouTube user Vlog BBC.  “I kill people, I rape children. I kill f****ts.”

As the gathered crowd waited for police to arrive, Franckowiak turned on them. “I’ll fucking kill and rape you too,” he said, before focusing on the woman recording the video. “You’re going down you coward c***k bitch.” 

The YouTube description shares the story of an unnamed student who claims to have been attacked by Franckowiak. "The police have released him and I'm terrified he will come back and attack me and my mum," she said. "We have a food shop and he just came in and started shouting and abusing us. He was aggressive and racist.”

Franckowiak was arrested and held for two nights before being charged with damaging property. An investigator said he was also accused of attacking a Ronald McDonald mannequin at a nearby McDonald's, per the YouTube video's description.

The New York Post reports that Franckowiak bragged about his release from jail on Facebook, claiming he had been freed from jail three times over the course of nine weeks in the country. “This is where I destroyed several businesses and got out of jail for third time in my 9 weeks in corrupt Thailand,” he wrote.