While the issue of climate change has remained ever-present for anyone paying attention over the past decade or more, one specific facet of this tragedy—volatile fires—has become a recent focal point for activists and celebrity advocates alike. 

It would seem that large swaths of our planet are at near-constant risk of blaze, from the Amazon to certain parts of California, including the current Saddleridge Fire. In the latest edition of Complex News Presents, we take a look at this global problem, speaking with a variety of frontline fighters and climate experts on how the issue affects everyone's day-to-day lives.

"I would say probably the last four or five years we've seen an increase in wildfire activity because of our drought-like conditions," Steve Kaufmann, Ventura County fire captain, said of California's ongoing situation. "We've had fires that were started by power lines, we've had fires that were started by arsonists in the past. There's all different sorts. Every fire is unique to its own start."

Marti Witter, a fire ecologist with the Mediterranean Coast Network, echoed these expressions of concern and urged U.S. climate change activists to think globally.

"Where we have problems, it's making them worse," Witter said. "Increasing the size of our fires and changing the time at which they can occur and in some cases the intensity. . . Anyone who's concerned about climate change should be concerned about the Amazon."

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