A Utah man has been arrested for allegedly killing his mother then showcasing her dead body via Facebook live. 

24-year-old Jeffrey Antonio Langford was arrested by North Salt Lake authorities for allegedly shooting his mother, Graciela Laura Holker. According to a booking affidavit obtained by Deseret News, Langford claimed to have shot his mother to prevent her from becoming a "vegetable." During police interviews, he stated that his mother shot herself in front of him. This prompted him to grab the gun and shoot her again because he didn't want her to "be in pain." 

The police responded to reports stating that Langford posted three Facebook live videos from inside his apartment. In the clips, his mother was either dying or deceased and he had what appeared to be blood smeared across his face. One of the people who notified the police told authorities she was talking to Langford on Facebook around the time of the shooting and he disclosed to her that he wanted to kill himself as well. 

When police arrived, they coaxed Langford out of the apartment by talking to him on the phone. Authorities believe that the incident was fueled by some sort of drug or substance as the affidavit says he "exhibited signs of being intoxicated."

Holker had a revolver in her hand but the police don't think she attempted to harm herself. "The handgun was in the victim’s right hand; however it was not consistent with a suicide," the affidavit reads. "Based on my training and experience the victim was found with injuries consistent with at least one gunshot, and possibly more."

Langford is currently being held without bail while the murder investigation continues.