A woman has been arrested in Hartford, Connecticut after biting off part of a man's finger and bragging about it on Facebook

34-year-old Anna Lindo allegedly attacked her former partner on Oct. 13. The man told police he heard a car horn honking and then saw Lindo approaching him and carrying a brick. He fought with Lindo in an attempt to take the brick. When the man's wife came out of their home, he took the moment to run away from Lindo at which point he started to feel pain in his right hand. He looked down to realize the tip of his middle finger was missing. 

Reports, unconfirmed by police, claim she bit his finger. Lindo was not found with any sharp weapons that could remove a finger when they arrested her shortly after.

Police share that Lindo posted several videos of herself with the severed fingertip on social media.

“She had no qualms about putting that on social media,” Hartford police Lt. Paul Cicero told the Hartford Courant.

The fingertip was recovered later, after Lindo's mother called police to tell them she found it on the dashboard of a car Lindo was driving. Unfortunately, doctors were unable to reattach the victim's fingertip.

“Due to the complexity of the detachment, coupled with the time-lapse of recovery, the finger could not be reattached,” Cicero told the paper.

Lindo has been charged with first-degree assault and disorderly conduct. Her bail was set at $75,000 in an arraignment on Oct. 15. 

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