Online personality Ms Yeah has agreed to pay compensation to the families of two teen girls who allegedly attempted to "copy" one of her viral videos. 

Per a BBC News report filed Friday, the two girls were attempting to do their own version of a clip in which Ms Yeah makes popcorn using a tin can. The girls, identified only as 14-year-old Zhezhe and 12-year-old Xiaoyu, were warming alcohol in the cans when an explosion occurred.

Zhezhe died from injuries sustained during the incident, while Xiaoyu—according to the family—will require cosmetic surgery.

The amount of compensation has not been disclosed, though it has been confirmed that Ms Yeah will pay hospital bill costs for 12-year-old Xiaoyu. Ms Yeah's reps have met with the families of both girls, though the YouTube personality has rejected the assessment that they were attempting to copy one of her videos, noting they are "not meant to be instructional."

The original video from Ms Yeah, who is known for sharing DIY office cooking clips, has been removed.

"I used only one tin can and an alcohol lamp, which is safer," she later said via a Weibo post, referring to the incident as "the darkest day" of her life. "In [the teen girls' video] we could clearly see that they used two cans and not a lamp."