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UPDATED 10/7 5:54 p.m. ET: The promoter is reportedly going through with the lawsuit. Damon Feldman wants $10,000 from Angry Bagel Guy for canceling his fight against Dustin Diamond, according to TMZ. The suit claims that Bagel Guy, born Chris Morgan, got appearance fees before bailing on the event.

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Angry Bagel Guy, or whatever the fuck, allegedly cost promoters as much as $100,000 by backing out of a purported fight over the weekend.

The event in question is assumed to have attracted actual people to witness it, and was slated for Saturday night in Atlantic City. Angry Bagel Guy Chris Morgan was set to square off against Dustin Diamond, perhaps best known for his work on the Saved by the Bell franchise and Tetherball: The Movie.

Morgan, however, took to Twitter shortly before the event was slated to begin to tell People Who Care About Such Things that he would not be hitting the ring or the stage or whatever.

"You're all sitting there with your thumbs way, way, directly up your asses," he said in a video clip mostly comprised of bouts of sky-shouting laughter. 

Now, TMZ has stepped in with a Monday-published report claiming that promoter Damon Feldman isn't pleased with this outcome and has enlisted a lawyer to "explore legal options." Per sources cited in the report, Feldman was not given a warning about Morgan's decision to back out of the fight, leaving him and other promoters in a lurch.

All told, promoters allegedly lost out on up to $100,000 in potential revenue. Additionally, Morgan is alleged to have received an estimated $3,000 for promotional press appearances in connection with the would-be showdown. 

To quell any fears of a fight gone unfought, a fill-in was ultimately called upon after Morgan skipped out. Matt Wolf was enlisted as a replacement, as seen in the dire footage below:

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