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Authorities have captured all four inmates who escaped from an Ohio county jail.

The four men were being held in the Gallia County Jail in Gallipolis, Ohio 100 miles south of Columbus near the West Virginia border, ABC News reports. They broke out by subduing two female corrections officers just after midnight on Sunday. The men then used a homemade shank to forcibly open a secured door.

Next, the four inmates—Brynn Martin, 40, Christopher Clemente, 24, Troy McDaniel Jr., 30, and Lawrence Lee III, 29—stole the keys to a corrections officer’s vehicle. McDaniel, Martin, and Clemente were found and caught at a hotel in a shopping center in Cary, North Carolina on Monday morning. That afternoon, Lee was captured in Durham, North Carolina. Martin had already escaped from the jail earlier this month.

ABC reports that the men were aided by a person on the outside, who met with the inmates after they drove out of the jail in the stolen vehicle. The person helping the inmates was waiting in a different car, which the inmates then used to run away. Pennsylvania police found the vehicle but not the inmates, according to Gallia County Sheriff Matt Champlin. This is the third time inmates have escaped from the jail since August.