A suspect was taken into custody on Wednesday in connection with a series of stabbings and robberies in Orange County, California that have left 4 dead and 2 injured.

According to police, at least three robberies were committed and the suspect has been identified as a 33-year-old Garden Grove resident Zachary Castaneda, named as a "documented gang member" although his affiliation is unclear. “This person should have been in prison and not allowed to be in our community committing these violent acts," said Garden Grove Police Chief Tom DaRe.

A motive behind the crimes has yet to be identified other than armed robbery, and authorities have described the alleged perpetrator as "full of anger" and "pure evil." 

Garden Grove police Lt. Carl Whitney said the suspect robbed a local bakery and took cash at knife-point. He also allegedly broke into one of his neighbor's apartments in the complex where he lives. Before police could respond to the burglary, they received a call about a possible homicide at the same address. One victim was pronounced dead at the scene, and another was taken to a local hospital where he later died as a result of his stab wounds. 

Two other robberies were reported in the area, one at an insurance business where a woman was stabbed. She fought back against the attacker and is expected to survive, according to ABC. The suspect then allegedly attacked a man at a Chevron gas station while he was pumping gas. The victim's nose was nearly sliced off, but he is expected to survive his injuries. Another fatal stabbing took place in a Subway parking lot. 

Undercover officers located the suspect's vehicle, a silver Mercedes registered to his name, in the parking lot of a 7-Eleven in the area. After he exited the corner store with a knife and a handgun, police arrested him on the scene. Inside the store, the suspect stabbed a security guard and took his gun. The victim was rushed to the hospital but he later succumbed to his injuries. 

"These are all random acts of violence. Our suspect was not associated with any of our victims," Whitney said. "We don't know. It's just pure hate that this guy did this."

Police are still investigating the surveillance footage captured at the scenes of the crimes.