A highly recommended daily pastime is to simply Google the phrase "Associated Press cocaine," then enjoy some titillating reading material while sipping an arguably similar upper, coffee.

Friday's engagement with this practice warrants an AP report on German customs officials seizing nearly 5 U.S. tons of coke with an estimated street value of $1.11 billion. The Hamburg customs office said Friday that the coke was housed in a container shipped from Montevideo, Uruguay and was in planned route to Antwerp, Belgium.

Soya beans were listed on the accompanying paperwork as to what was inside, though customs officials noted that black sports bags were seen when opening said container. From there, an estimated 4,200 packets of coke were found inside a total of 211 duffel bags, apparently marking the nation's biggest single coke seizure ever.

The drugs were promptly and tragically destroyed due to precautions of the security variety, officials said.

In fairly recent cocaine seizure-related news, a man was arrested just last month at Barcelona's international airport for trying to hide an estimated $34,000 worth of the stuff under a wig. In a similarly daunting development, another man died in May on a flight after ingesting 246 bags’ worth of coke.