An Ohio courtroom faced a huge disruption when a convicted murderer was attacked by the victim's son. The fight broke out Thursday in Youngstown, Ohio, when 62-year-old Dale Williams was originally set to be sentenced for the murder of Elizabeth Pledger Stewart. Her family was in attendance, and when her daughter went up to make a statement, one of her sons jumped Williams.

The footage captured from the courtroom show Stewart's son beating on Williams as police officers struggled to restrain him, while another son got involved later. "He killed my mother, man," one of the men said as he was handcuffed. "That was my mama! She took care of me, bro, when nobody else did."

During the clip, an officer can be seen reaching for her stun gun, although it's not clear if it was used on one of the brothers or not.

Both of Stewart's sons were arrested and will serve 30 days in jail for contempt of court. The sentencing has since been postponed, although a new date has yet to be set. 

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