They walk among us, y'all. Any person you see walking down the street — hell, maybe even members of your own family — might be the type to peel chicken nuggets

If you are confused by the phrase, don't worry. I was, too. "Peeling" refers to removing the breading of a chicken nugget and eating the meat and shell separately. The peelers have shared their preferred way of eating nuggets and even pieces in defense of the act have started to crop up. People do this. It's real. And like chili and cinnamon rolls before it, it's making Twitter lose its mind.

While it's not clear if Chance the Rapper is pro-peeling or anti-peeling when it comes to chicken nuggets, the Chicago rapper recently helped bring back Wendy's spicy nuggets over a tweet. Unfortunately for him, not everyone is a fan of his Wendy's praise, with comedian Amy Schumer criticizing his choice to support the company despite their lack of protection for farmworker women when it comes to sexual assault. 

Take a look at the takes from the pro-peelers, the normies and the simply confounded below.