Comic book writer Gail Simone launched a viral hashtag earlier this week with the #1stCartoonCrush trend, tapping into that moment when children suddenly fell in love with their favorite animated characters. "Name the first animated character you ever had a crush on," she wrote. "Which animated character did you first think was super kissable, even if it sounds weird now?" From Danny Phantom to Jessica Rabbit, the answers ran the gamut. But now Twitter users are focusing on another important part of many of our childhoods, swapping out cartoon characters for video game characters.

Unsurprisingly, Street Fighter has already made a few appearances thanks to Chun-Li, while Lara Croft from Tomb Raider also became a popular choice. On the male side of things, Resident Evil is popular with Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy, but Solid Snake of Metal Gear Solid and his unusually toned butt also proved popular. A good chunk of the answers, however, were far more obscure and even more recent than those of cartoon crushes.

Check out what people had to share below, and compare the candidates to the most popular cartoon crushes here.