If you needed another reason to be disappointed in humans today, look no further. The government of Indonesia (home to the largest bee) has announced that the popular tourist spot Komodo Island will be closing to the public because poachers are abducting the namesake lizards.

Tempo, an Indonesian publication, reports that the island will temporarily restrict access until 2020. The decision to close off the home of about 1,700 dragons was made after authorities busted a smuggling ring that intended to sell 41 Komodo dragons for 500 million rupiah (about $35,000) each.

In light of this event, caretakers of the island will use this time off from tourists in a productive way. They intend to ensure that the dragons have enough food provisions and preserve the environment, with the hope that the population will grow.

Komodo dragons (also referred to as Komodo monitors) are the largest living species of lizard, with adults growing as long as 10 ft and weighing up to 200 lbs. Though they are not endangered, they are considered to be a vulnerable species, as there are estimated to be about 6,000 left in the wild.

Wildlife enthusiasts looking to see the lizards will still have the opportunity to visit one of the other islands within the Lesser Sunda Islands to see them. Or, extreme fanatics looking to satiate their desire to own exotic pets can (legally) purchase an island full of different animals, including five species of penguin.