A St. Paul, MN woman allegedly pulled out the glizzy in a local Domino's after employees refused to refund an errored order. 

According to reports, 59-year-old Holly Webb was taken into custody on Thursday after being identified as the disgruntled customer that threatened pizza shop workers with a gun. The employees claim that Webb drove to the store because her side of wings was not delivered with the rest of her order. As a result, Webb wanted to be refunded for the missing item. This led to a short discussion that ended with Webb pointing a handgun at the Domino's workers before fleeing the scene in her vehicle. After being made aware of the incident, police were able to locate Webb's car outside of her home leading to her arrest.

But, this crazy story doesn't end there. While being interrogated, Webb first told the police that she has her permit to carry and that she did not take her legal gun into the store. Webb claimed that the gun was left in the glove compartment of her car, so it would've been impossible for her to have upped it on the employees. But after being shown a video of the incident, Webb's story slightly changed. Although she now admits to showing the workers that she had the stick, Webb still denies using it to threaten them.

Working in fast food and/or for a delivery service will expose one to all types of personalities. Because of this, it is no surprise that this isn't the only time something simple has triggered a customer (no pun intended). In Dec. 2018, it was reported that an Oklahoma City man let off a shot through a Taco Bell drive-through window after complaining about a lack of sauce packets. Also, in 2011, a man in the Kansas City, MO area drove back to Taco Bell just to threaten an employee with the pump-action shotty for slighting him on the hot sauce.