Florida police let spring break partiers know that a certain scheme to skirt drinking laws has been discovered.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office took to Facebook on March 27 to share that the only way drinking alcohol from sunscreen bottles will work is if officers don’t see them. “Spring Break fact: Hiding vodka in a sunscreen bottle only works if you don’t let a Deputy see you drink out of it,” the post read, alongside a photo of two bottles of “Sport Sunscreen.”

The post has gone viral as Facebook users got their jokes off. “I’ll take a Tito’s and SPF-30 please” and “Put Malibu Coconut rum in there. It already tastes like sunscreen" are a few of the hits.

While some users were fearful that college students might be drinking vodka laced with sunscreen, they’ll be happy to find out that these bottles weren’t intended for sunscreen in the first place. They’re actually flasks. The bottles—called Gopong Tropic Tang Sport Sunscreen Flasks—are up for $9.93 plus tax on Amazon.

According to Newsweek, alcohol is allowed on local beaches in Okaloosa County; however, glass bottles aren’t permitted. The site also reports that a representative from the sheriff’s office didn’t comment on whether the department arrested an individual or individuals in connection with the sunscreen flasks.