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Now that everyone carries a GPS, it can be tough to remember the feeling of being really, truly lost. A plane full of people got to experience that feeling when they boarded a plane in London bound for Dusseldorf, Germany but touched down in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The accidental Scottish vacation was the result of an incorrectly filed flight plan, according to CNN. Both the pilots and the crew believed the flight was heading for the Scottish capital. 

One passenger said that she realized that something was wrong when she spotted mountains that would be out of place in Western Germany. 

"When we started descending and I saw some taller hills/mountains, I did think that this isn't how Eastern Netherlands/Western Germany should look like but I assumed we took some small detour," passenger Zsófia Szabó told CNN. "Then my colleague sitting across the aisle from me told me to check Google Maps -- and it showed us being around Carlisle."

Given that the information from outside of the aircraft had failed them, the crew had a fairly low-tech way of figuring out their actual destination. 

"When we landed there was a bit of a hilarious moment when the flight attendant asked for a show of hands for the people going to Dusseldorf, which turned out to be everyone," Szabó said.

The German company WDL Aviation was operating the confused flight for British Airways. It was WDL who filed the incorrect flight plan, and they have released a statement about the incident.

"We are working closely with the authorities to investigate how the obviously unfortunate mix-up of flight schedules could occur. At no time has the safety of passengers been compromised," they said. "We flew the passengers on the flight with number BA3271 to Dusseldorf after the involuntary stopover in Edinburgh."