A prick of a human being was caught on camera in downtown Los Angeles over the weekend punching two women at a food stand, then bolting. Now, the Los Angeles Police Department is asking for the public's help to track down the as-yet-unidentified man.

According to the victims, they had stopped at a hot dog vendor near the busy area of 6th and Spring after a night of karaoke. At some point while waiting in line, the attacker began an argument with the food stand operator.

"There was a man that was arguing with the vendor," Detective Meghan Aguilar said of the attack. "At that point, one of the women told the man, 'Hey, order your hot dog so we can get our food.' The man immediately turned, punched that woman in the face. The punch caused the woman to lose consciousness and she fell to the ground. At that point, her friend did try to intervene and she was punched multiple times by the suspect. The suspect ran and fled on 6th Street."

In the disturbing footage, the man—who cops estimate is around 6'2" and "well over" 200 pounds—is quite visible. Witnesses did not intervene, much to the confusion/anger of those commentating on the video on social media. Reached by Complex Wednesday morning, an LAPD rep said no additional information on the attack was available at this time.