The wife of Vice President Mike Pence has accepted a new teaching job at a school that openly discriminates against LGBTQ students and teachers.

According to the Huffington Post, this week Karen Pence—who was a teacher for 12 years during her husband's time in congress—returned to her desired profession as an instructor at Immanuel Christian School in Northern Virginia. However, unlike most school, Immanuel Christian does not decide their admittance solely on academic achievements and behavioral analysis. They also take into consideration the child's sexual orientation and gender preferences.

Per the school's parent aggreement, Immanuel Christian urges gaurdians to uphold its "biblical morality" policy which reserves the school the right to deny LGBTQ students the right to attend while the 2018 employment application states that they want teachers that pledge to refrain from homosexual activity and "uphold the unique roles of male and female."

"Moral misconduct which violates the bona fide occupational qualifications for employees includes, but is not limited to, such behaviors as the following: heterosexual activity outside of marriage (e.g., premarital sex, cohabitation, extramarital sex), homosexual or lesbian sexual activity, polygamy, transgender identity, any other violation of the unique roles of male and female, sexual harassment, use or viewing of pornographic material or websites," the employment application reads. 

In addition, the "biblical morality" instructs parents to acknowledge that marriage is strictly between a man and woman while also stating "sexual immorality, homosexual activity, or bi-sexual activity" is against the school's bylaws.

These oppressive guidelines do not seem to bother the Pence family, as their daughter Charlotte attended the school, and Karen has expressed her elation about returning to the classroom at Immanuel Christian. 

"I am excited to be back in the classroom and doing what I love to do," Karen Pence to USA Today. "I have missed teaching art."

As expected, Pence's "excitement" about working in a toxic social environment has generated a host of negative reactions.