New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is canceling the public transit apocalypse. He's backing away from a 15-month-long complete L Train tunnel shutdown that he once called "vital" in favor of a slower approach that would shut down segments of the tunnels while leaving the rest running. 

“The simple fact is you have roughly 250,000 people who are going to need another way to work,” Cuomo said at a press conference on Jan. 3. “Fifteen months sounds like a relatively short period of time, but it’s not if you’re doing it one day at a time trying to get to work.” 

You'd think the news would be a great relief to the quarter of a million people who rely on the route on a daily basis. But the line really does need to be fixed and many people have made decisions about housing and work based around the eventual 15-month closing of the subway. Thus, Cuomo's presser was met with mixed reactions.