The stories coming out of the case against Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman continues to get stranger, as a key informant in the case testified in court on Tuesday. As CNN reports, Pedro Flores operated a cocaine and heroin business with his brother Margarito in Chicago, and he made recordings of several of his meetings during his time in the drug trade, making him a key witness. Speaking about his experiences with Chapo, he brought up the bizarre situation he found himself in as he met him for the first time.

In May 2005, Flores says he met Chapo for the first time. Landing somewhere in a mountainous region, Flores said that he became increasingly nervous on his way to meeting Guzman. On the way there, he noticed a naked man chained to the side of the road, immediately painting something of a scary impression. As soon as he met him, he says Chapo made fun of his jean shorts. "He said with all that money I couldn't afford the rest of my pants," he explained.

Speaking further about his first meeting, he recalled telling Chapo, "I had this idea like in the movies. You had a line of people shooting them in the head and saying, 'Next.'" He says that Guzman and his armed guards laughed at his comment, explaining, "He said in a serious tone 'No, only to the ones we have to.'"

Earlier this month, it was explained in court that Chapo reportedly opened a cocaine train route from Mexico to New York City. It was also reported that he sourced meth ingredients from a Colombian drug trafficker's sister, who he had previously offered up his nephew to as collateral in a potential deal.

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