An unfortunate mishap caused a chocolatey disaster on a German street earlier today.

The Guardian reports (via German newspaper Soester Anzeiger) a chocolate factory named DreiMeister leaked a massive amount of chocolate—about 2,000 pounds in total. A "small technical defect" was cited as the cause of the incident, as the chocolate spilled onto the streets. Making matter worse, the mess solidified upon reaching pavement, resulting in dangerous traveling conditions.

While this sounds like every kid's fantasy, in actuality it was mostly annoying, as removing the chocolate proved to be a difficult task. Firefighters were called in and failed to handle it with shovels and hot water. Ultimately, a special cleaning company helped remove the chocolate.

Although losing 2,000 pounds of inventory (think of the medicine and chocolate ramen that could've been made!) and inadvertently shutting down a street would seem like a disaster to any boss, DreiMeister handled the situation pretty well. According to Thrillist, "boss" Markus Luckey was just glad that the incident didn't happen closer to Christmas Day, as he believed an incident during the holiday "would have been a catastrophe."