A Florida Atlantic University student was arrested last week after he posted a tweet threatening to kill a professor because he scheduled an early morning (7 a.m.) exam.

Campus police arrested 20-year-old Rafael Decomas after receiving a tip that his Twitter handle, @Ashelaniqua, wrote "Bey i gern (expletive) kill dis professor bey this is my confession to a premeditated murder."

Damn. That tweet doesn't exactly make FAU look great either.

Police identified Decomas, a commuter student, and detained him. They said that he admitted he wrote the post, and provided the reasoning behind it. According to his arrest report:

[Decomas] was only reacting to the news that his final exam for Data Structure (instructed by Professor Carl Weiss) was scheduled to 0700 hours. Decomas advised that he was upset at the news since he lives in Riviera Beach, and would need to wake up at 0500 hours

Decomas added that he never intended to actually harm anyone. Regardless, he is currently facing a charge for "written threats to kill or do bodily injury." He has since been released from Palm Beach County Jail on bond.