‘Sustain This’ is a four-part video series, produced by Complex and Allbirds, that celebrates artists who prioritize sustainably as they seek to perfect their craft.

“We don’t have to kill our environment to make beautiful things,” Ugo Mozie insists in Episode 3 of Sustain This. “[My goal] was to create a brand that’s made in Africa, by Africans, using a lot of biodegradable and sustainable materials; that holds the same amount of quality and taste and exclusivity as any other brand.”

Indeed, Mozie has found tremendous success in developing products that are equally as stylish as they are eco-friendly. Furthermore, they represent an homage to his roots. Born in Nigeria and now living in Los Angeles, Mozie is a creative executive and fashion designer who can count Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, and Travis Scott among his clientele. He launched his first clothing line, Aston Mozie, at just 17 years old, and in less than a decade, has built a small empire that brings visibility to Africa and its youth.

We don’t have to kill our environment to make beautiful things.

In addition to fashion, Ugo also has his hands in the non-profit sector with WANA, which he co-founded in 2017 to incubate and highlight African talent. Earlier this year, the young entrepreneur launched his first fragrance collection Mosaic that blends scents from North and Western Africa.

Sustainability plays a large role in his life and work, and his passion for using renewable resources came from his time spent with the youth. “Being able to see young kids create so much out of nothing was so inspiring,” he says.

Through his work, Ugo continues to build a narrative that weaves together his Nigerian heritage with the larger goal of empowering the African youth and diaspora, while remaining environmentally conscious.

To hear more of Ugo’s inspiring journey, watch Episode 3 of Sustain This above.