Jeff Sessions is out. On Wednesday afternoon, several news outlets reported the Attorney General resigned per Donald Trump's request. 

Trump quickly confirmed the news via Twitter. Sessions' resignation comes as Trump tries to clean house following the midterm elections. 

This is a little scary, considering Trump is likely going to appoint someone who is willing to crush Robert Mueller's ongoing investigation and protect him from the possibility of impeachment. But Sessions also sucks, so the people of Twitter are rightfully celebrating with hilarious reactions. 

Many of the responses poke fun at Sessions' uncanny resemblance to a Keebler elf.

It's unclear what Sessions will be up to after resigning as AG, but people have a hunch he'll be up to his same old tricks. 

This is all fun and games, but this likely means some horrible shit is about to go down regarding the Mueller investigation, so uh, stay tuned? 

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