In an early episode of NBC's Scrubs, Dr. Cox, in one of his infamous rants, bellows at JD, "I'm fairly sure if they took porn off the internet, there'd only be one website left, and it'd be called 'Bring Back The Porn.'”

Sex is the meaning and motivation behind most things, and Pornhub's ever-increasing success illustrates this. According to self-published statistics released by the company, the site registered 28.5 billion visits and logged 25 billion searches in 2017. Another notable stat: 25 percent of its audience are women, despite the general assumption that porn is for men only.

Porn reflects our culture. If you want see humanity's unchecked id, watch Trending Videos and discover what users watch when no one's looking. Stepmom. Stepsisters. MILFs.  And good old-fashioned classic categories like Anal. Porn expands our curiosity towards fetishes and turn-ons we never knew about.

Pornhub has high aspirations, striving for the sort of mainstream acceptability that Playboy once had. It's why we have Kanye-led Pornhub awards shows and Pornhub-sponsored art shows. It's why Jacquees fans uploaded his illegal trip remixes to Pornhub, assuming it would be the last place the lawyers would look (it wasn't). The company takes a sex-positive approach: “Yes, everyone watches this stuff, and no, you shouldn't feel bad that you watch it.”

Consistently clever, self-aware, and self-effacing, Pornhub often promotes itself via publicity stunts and social media drama. Here are the 10 best Pornhub Twitter moments, trolls, and pranks.