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Two white men who were caught on camera beating a black man in a parking garage during last year’s Unite the Right white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia have been sentenced to prison.

On Aug. 23, 2018, Jacob Goodwin and Alex Ramos were charged with malicious wounding, according to NPR. Ramos was sentenced to six years, while Goodwin received ten years, with two of those years purportedly suspended.

The man who was beaten, DeAndre Harris told the Root in 2017, “The beating happened right beside the [Charlottesville] Police Department,” he said, adding, “And no police were there to help me at all.”

Goodwin and Ramos are just two of several men who were captured on video assaulting Harris. The footage later went viral, attracting national attention.

Harris endured multiple injuries, including to his spine and head. Last fall, Harris was also accused of hurting a man named Harold Ray Crews on the same day as Harris’ attack. Crews—who is chairman of a North Carolina-based white nationalist group, The League of the South—reported the claim. Harris’ lawyer contended that Harris was in the hospital when Crews maintains that the attack occurred; Harris was subsequently found not guilty.

“What happened is something I’ve never seen happen before,“ Harris' lawyer told the Root in 2017. “This white supremacist went to a judge, directly, and left the office with a warrant without police involvement.”

Goodwin and Ramos apologized for assaulting Harris during their sentencing. Two other men involved in the attack, Daniel Borden and Tyler Davis, will likely be imprisoned. Borden’s sentencing is scheduled for Oct. 1, while Davis will face arraignment on Oct. 5.

According to Teen Vogue, prosecutor Nina Antony shared that Harris wasn’t present for the Aug. 23 hearings since he is “working to put the beating behind him both physically and mentally.”