Recreational marijuana use is legal in eight states in the United States, while medical marijuana is legal in 30, but for some reason the Trump administration has launched a secret multi-agency committee to fight use of the drug. As Buzzfeed reports, the White House has instructed 14 federal agencies and the Drug Enforcement Administration to submit "data demonstrating the most significant negative trends" regarding weed.

Regardless of the positive impact the drug can have, the newly formed committee has asked officials to only portray it in a negative light, complaining that a lot of people are "unfairly biased in favor of the drug." "The prevailing marijuana narrative in the U.S. is partial, one-sided and inaccurate," says one memo from the committee.

"Staff believe that if the administration is to turn the tide on increasing marijuana use there is an urgent need to message the facts about the negative impacts of marijuana use, production, and trafficking on national health safety, and security," said another memo. Each little memo contained within the report pain the committee as out-of-date and ignorant to the positive effect marijuana can have on many, but that's not all the shocking considering the administration.

"We are asking each agency to provide information on marijuana," wrote White House ONDCP staffer Hayley C. Conklin in an email. The intent here seems to be to reverse all increasingly positive public perception of weed, and when reached out for comment the White House failed to deny the story.