This just in: Donald Trump is still a walking (or sitting) meme.

After announcing a new trade deal with Mexico this week, POTUS invited reporters into the Oval Office to hear a celebratory phone call with Mexico's President Enrique Peña Nieto. Of course, Trump’s incompetence made the event extremely awkward, as he failed to operate the speakerphone on several attempts.

It’s unsettling that this fumbling man is leading our country … and has all the nuclear codes.

OK, let’s not focus on that scary shit. Instead, let’s turn our attention to all the jokes and memes the press conference gave us.

Though the speakerphone fail garnered most of the attention, there was another portion of the event that resulted in some entertaining Twitter roasting. It was an image of Trump sitting behind his desk with his arms crossed, looking more constipated than usual.

The moment was captured as Trump refused to answer questions regarding John McCain’s recent death, as pointed out by the Daily Dot.

Predictably, people used the image to mock Trump, taking shots at everything from his emotional intelligence to his weight. Are these easy shots? Sure. Are they still entertaining. Absolutely. 

You can check out some of the best “cross-armed” Trump memes below.