An 18-year-old California athlete had his scholarship revoked after he was filmed using an anti-gay slur.

According to The Tribune, Oakdale High School graduate Bronson Harmon was set to attend Cal Poly this fall on a wrestling scholarship; however, the university rescinded the scholarship after video of Harmon yelling “F*ck you, f*ggot” was brought to their attention.

Harmon used the slur back in June when he and his father were counter-protesting the Families Belong Together March in Modesto, California. The athlete and his father were filmed holding pro-Trump signs while screaming obscenities at the demonstrators.

“Saying what I said is definitely not the right thing. I am supposed to be there to help the community be the best person I can be and represent the college the best way I can,” Harmon told The Tribune. “But I still feel like my freedom of speech was taken away, and I don’t think my scholarship should have been revoked over something like that.”

The outlet also reports Harmon was allegedly involved in a physical altercation following the protest against the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance policy. Harmon claims he saw a man place a screwdriver behind the wheel of his dad’s car as they were about to leave. Harmon, his father, and their friend confronted the man and allegedly pushed him. The man filed a police report in which he claimed he was picking up the screwdriver, and not placing it down.

“I totally regret it,” Harmon said about using the slur. “I got caught up in the heat of the moment. I was there to peacefully protest the things that we believe, and people were harassing us, spitting on us and calling us Nazis.”

The athlete said Cal Poly wrestling coach Jon Sioredas informed him about the school’s decision on July 2. Though he no longer has a scholarship, Harmon told The Tribune he still plans to attend Cal Poly this fall.

“I got accepted, and they said I am welcome still,” Harmon said. “It’s just that they can’t be bringing all this publicity to athletics, so I can’t be involved with athletics.”