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An airport in Argentina was evacuated this week after someone in the facility discovered an explosive device—or what they assumed was an explosive device.

The Associated Press reports that the Astor Piazzolla airport, located in Mar del Plata, ceased operations Tuesday when a grenade-shaped weed grinder was found inside an airport trash can. For those who aren’t familiar with the device (we're sure there are some of you out there), it’s basically a tool that separates dry herb for consumption. Most grinders come in straight-forward cylindrical shapes that are easy to handle, while some novelty designs are made to look like everything from Pokémon  balls and wrist watches to pieces of fruit and, yes, deadly weapons.

“Someone must have discarded the artifact before boarding on a plane,” Alejandro Itzcovich, the head of Argentina’s national airport police security, told local news outlets. “[Authorities] confirmed that it was not an explosive and we’re now trying to determine who the owner of this object is.”

According to the AP, multiple flights were delayed because of the evacuation.

This isn’t the first time a grenade-shaped grinder has caused problems at an airport. As pointed out by the AP, a similar incident occurred in 2016 at Bellingham International Airport in Washington, as well as in 2017 at the Sacramento International Airport.