Hey! Good morning. Hope all is well. Anyway, let's talk about bigfoot erotica.

Democrat Leslie Cockburn has shined a light on some bigfoot-related social media posts from Republican Denver Riggleman, against whom she's running for U.S. House in Virginia. As the Huffington Post (and likely the vast majority of your timeline) points out, Cockburn tweeted a screenshot of a Riggleman post showing a crudely sketched bigfoot. In the sketch, the folklore creature is shown with a seemingly large and entirely censored member.

Though Riggleman later characterized the bigfoot imagery as part of a long-running joke involving his military buddies, the Cook notes that there was indeed a Facebook author page "appearing to promote" a self-released book by the name The Mating Habits of Bigfoot and Why Women Want Him. The page has since been removed.

Of course, this is pretty much fetish-shaming, and voters in Virginia's 5th Congressional District (which includes Charlottesville, where activist Heather Heyer was killed nearly a year ago) should probably be giving more attention to Riggleman's ties to people like Corey Stewart, i.e. the same Corey Stewart who basically spewed his own version of Trump's widely trashed "both sides" argument following last August's deadly Unite the Right rally.

The Cockburn vs. Riggleman race was made possible thanks to Republican incumbent Tom Garrett's admission of alcoholism and subsequent decision to forego re-election attempts. To add yet another layer of interestingness to this debacle, it's also probably worth pointing out that Cockburn—an investigative journalist—is the mother of Olivia Wilde.