A video of a woman calling a Mexican man a rapist and drug dealer has gone viral on the internet.

The man, 27-year-old Esteban Guzman and his mother were working in a yard outside of Los Angeles when a woman spit Donald Trump-like vitriol at them, calling Mexicans rapists, animals, and drug dealers. The video went viral on Twitter on Monday, and has since garnered over 5.4 million views.

In the 35-second video, Guzman is seen arguing with the unknown woman, who at a point, gestures at him with her middle finger.

“Why do you hate us?” Guzman asked.

“Because you’re Mexicans,” the woman said.

Guzman followed by telling the woman that “we’re honest people,” to which she laughed and said, “Rapists. Animals. Drug Dealers.” She also name-dropped the president, who’s made similar comments in the past, referring to illegal immigrants who cross the border, typically from Mexico.

Guzman held his position, asking, “How many people have I raped?” and, “How many drugs have I dealt?” According to The Guardian, Guzman has a job in information technology—construction work is his side gig.

The woman addressed his mother and told her to “go back to Mexico,” Mr. Guzman told The Guardian. “She said we were all illegals,” he recalled. “I told her, ‘I’m a United States citizen.’”

In 2015, when Trump was running for president, he attacked Mexican immigrants, saying almost the same thing the woman above did, “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”

Guzman ascribed the woman’s racism to Trump. “Thanks to him everywhere I go I am a rapist, an animal, and drug dealer,” Mr. Guzman wrote. “You don’t know what it feels like to be hated so much.” He continued, saying that while he can manage racial slurs, it’s “another story” when his mom is involved.