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By now you’ve probably heard that President Donald Trump had a very interesting time at the G7 summit in Canada. But in case you thought the buck stopped at Justin Trudeau, not only did Trump swiftly throw the U.S.-Canada relationship down the toilet, he also disrupted the summit’s meeting on women’s empowerment. Shocking.

According to the Toronto Star, Trump accomplished this by arriving late to the meeting between G7 leaders and the gender equality advisory council that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau created. Trump, who is no stranger to interrupting women while they talk, missed Trudeau’s introduction to the meeting and entered while council co-chair Isabelle Hudon, the Canadian ambassador to France, was speaking.

Trump's arrival was extremely disruptive, thanks to his large security detail and a mob of journalists, photographers, and news networks hoarding around the president. The Star reported that the sound of the cameras completely drowned out Hudson’s statements.

This super cringe-worthy affair continued as Trump made his way to his seat, flashing Trudeau a smile, which seems more troubling now that we know what Trump would later go on to tweet. He finally made it to his seat across from Trudeau and next to International Monetary Fund managing director Christine Lagarde, whose hilarious reaction was captured in the images below.

I mean if we really needed to know how Trump feels about empowered women, all we have to do is look at this picture of him and Angela Merkel.

Aside from unhinging an agreement between the G7 leaders, attacking Trudeau specifically, and disrupting a meeting about women, Trump also totally skipped out on some discussions about climate change and oceanic damage, since of course, he’d have to admit climate change is real before attending.

The G7 Summit is already old news for Trump. He’s now in Singapore ahead of his Tuesday meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Hopefully this next summit doesn’t go as badly as the one in Canada, cause you know, nuclear war and all. Fingers crossed.