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Canada is getting a heck of a lot more Jollibee in the next few years. Following the runaway success of their pilot locations in the Greater Toronto Area, the popular Filipino fast food chain is now preparing for a massive expansion. Speaking with CityNews earlier today, company CEO Ernesto Tanmantiong revealed that Jollibee will be opening 100 new restaurants in the country within the next five years.

Despite the exciting and mouth-watering news, there has still no word as to where these new batch of spots will be opening. As of now, the iconic chain has three locations, with one very busy joint in Scarborough and two in Winnipeg. Later this year, fans in Mississauga will be the lucky recipient of the fourth Canadian Jollibee. Chatter online is also currently pointing to potential landings in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary — we wouldn't be surprised to see more popping up in southern Ontario as well.

If the current hype is any indication, we'll likely be seeing more and more patrons lining up across the block for their 6 piece bucket. If you already frequent Jollibee, you may also be a fan of the Burger Steaks with gravy and mushrooms or deep fried Mango pies. In the meantime and before you drool, check out the official confirmation from Tanmantiong below via CityNews' twitter feed.