Time’s Up has released a new PSA, narrated by Donald Glover and directed by Rashida Jones. The 3-minute animated video was created from Blue Seat Studios’ 2015 “Tea Consent” film, which demonstrates the ins and outs of sexual consent.

Blue Seat animated the Time’s Up PSA, and founder Rachel Brian wrote it. During the short film, Glover discusses what is and isn’t suitable in a work environment. “Has the current wave of sexual allegations left you scared, confused? Maybe even a little angry? Is the culture shifting under your feet so fast, you can’t make sense of it? Or do you simply not know how to behave at work anymore?” he asks in a deadpan voice during the video's introduction, before outlining four frequently asked questions about sexual harassment.

The video is pegged by dry humor, and Glover and Brian offer a punchline at the end. “If you’re still confused, please check out our website: www.dontpullyourdickoutatwork.obviously,” before offering the real website link, www.timesupnow.com.

Check the PSA out on Buzzfeed here.